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Our History

On May 2, 1947 forty-four believers came together and formed Trinity Baptist Church in Enid Oklahoma. At the time of organization there was no building for the weekly meetings, so services were held in the home of Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Cummings at 1322 N. Monroe. At the time of formation Rev. Roy S. Anding was called as the first pastor. 

Services were held in the Cummings' home until an auditorium was built in July, 1942 on the corner of Van Buren and Birch.

As the church would grow and expand, members of Trinity sensed God's leadership to change location, and in May of 1957, the church purchased the parsonage of Calvary Baptist Church at 1818 E. Chestnut Ave. It consisted of a three story brick building, and three 50' lots. All worship services were held in in the former parsonage from June 1, 1958 until August 1959, when the present sanctuary was built. This was a history making event for the congregation, due to the fact this was the first time Trinity Baptist Church had a baptistry!

In 1962 new lots were purchased, which led to the building of a new educational wing, and a parsonage. Later, in 1975 the parsonage purchased by Calvary Baptist Church was demolished and a new youth educational wing was built, attached to the back of the sanctuary, along with a pastor's study.

In 1961, at a celebration day, remembering the founding of Trinity Baptist Church, one member wrote,

"Some of you are Charter Members. You were privileged to see the birth of Trinity Baptist Church. You named the church and brought life into her. Through the years God has blessed you with many wonderful memories. 
The present is all of us. Today our church stands strong in Enid. As we look back, we give praise to the men, women, boys, and girls who have made Trinity what she is today. The future is bright. Trinity looks to the future with great anticipation. Through the power of the Holy Spirit many lost souls will be won. Many people will be added to her fellowship. Because God first loved us, we shall always glorify our Lord and give him the best that we have."

In 1981, at a home coming celebration, thirty five years after the founding of Trinity Baptist Church, one member prayed,

"Lord, help us never to lose sight of the purpose and reason-for-being Trinity Baptist Church or any other church. Because men are lost apart from Christ."

Today, believers at Trinity have not forgotten that prayer, nor our reason-for-being. We have been called, and are now calling all people to repent and believe in the Lord Jesus for salvation. Because men are lost apart from Christ.